Lange Covid Kids in den Nachrichten

May13th 2021


"Coronavirus Vaccines Protect Pregnant Women, Another Study Suggests

The shots may also have benefits for infants and do not seem to damage the placenta, according to the latest research."

April 1st 2021


Head teacher Ian Rix said: “Now we know when the levels aren’t safe, twice we have evacuated children from the classrooms when it has increased to the red level and they haven’t been allowed to return until we have reached the green level.

“This makes the staff and children feel reassured that their learning space is being properly ventilated. I feel happier knowing people are working in a safer environment.”

March 26th 2021


One year after lockdown LCK founder Sammie speaks to Steve Harris about the Long Covid Kids school pack & shares her concerns about the lasting effects of COVID-19 on children. 

March 16th 2021


Children suffer with long Covid for over eight months on average, a study suggests. 

One in ten parents of the 510 young people surveyed said that their children had returned to previous levels of physical activity. Many also reported a ‘significant prevalence’ of neuropsychiatric symptoms.

May 13th 2021


"In this exploratory analysis of a convenience sample, receipt of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine was immunogenic in pregnant women, and vaccine-elicited antibodies were transported to infant cord blood and breast milk. Pregnant and nonpregnant women who were vaccinated developed cross-reactive antibody responses and T-cell responses against SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern."

March 31st 2021


 Why does every school need CO2 monitors in their classrooms?

One headteacher in Hampshire is taking a proactive approach to reducing aerosol transmission & protecting his staff and children using CO2 monitors to monitor the air quality in classrooms.

March 25th 2021


LCK Co founder Fran Simpson Lecturer in Psychology and Counselling,

Coventry University

co-wrote this article for

The Conversation UK


Carolyn Chew-Graham

Professor of General Practice Research, Director of Clinical Academic Training,

Keele University

Amali Lokugamage

Deputy Lead of Clinical and Professional Practice,

UCL Medical School

, and Honorary Associate Professor, UCL

April 1st 2021


 Fran Simpson LCK Co founder is the  Scarborough mum whose children suffered for months from suspected long Covid is helping lead a campaign for more research into the devastating condition

“I want people to be aware that this is a possibility,” she said. “There are some really brilliant doctors and increasingly, because people are seeing children with long Covid now, there is increasing curiosity around it.

“There are people who want to find out more but there are some who want to close it down.”

March 31st 2021


Sammie explains why we LCK are campaigning for all schools to have CO2 monitors in classrooms. Listen from 3.08

March 18th 2021


Little Isabel Walton was just like any other ten-year-old girl, she loved dancing, gymnastics, and even Taekwondo, but that was before Long Covid hit five and half months ago – her official diagnosis only coming recently.